Total Rewards Strategy Development

The ultimate question we ask is “What should your Total Rewards programs look like to best support the business?” We engage senior leadership and/or Board members in setting a Total Rewards strategy which is business aligned.


  • Understanding of Total Rewards Rationale (Strategy Doc)
  • Leadership Commitment to Total Rewards Strategy

Base Salary Competitiveness & Program Design

Our process is simple:

  • Define the who, the what and the how of our client's competition
  • Match your jobs to the survey benchmarks
  • Deliver clear & concise results and conclusions on market competitiveness & positioning
  • Engage our client’s in pragmatic, data-driven solutions whether they be actual salary decisions or relevant salary range structures


  • Business-focused Base Salary Program
  • Locked-In Survey Data Base
  • Defined Base Salary Practices

Incentive Design, Modeling and Execution (Management, sales et al)

We deliver incentive plan rationale and plan structures (short or long-term) geared to the organization’s “scorecard” and operational environment.


  • Incentive Plan Designed
  • Defined and Aligned With Business
  • Defined Financial Relationship

Total Rewards Program Communication and Implementation

The rollout of a new or amended pay and/or benefits program is critical in determining how effective it will be. We work with clients to develop a rationale for plan change and craft the most effective tools to communicate it.


  • Communication/Implementation Plan for “Roll-out”
  • Communication Tools (Training, Managerial Communication, etc.)

Labor Market Pricing & Total Reward Negotiation Strategy

We provide both accurate and timely salary and benefits data to both job candidates and employers in real time. We act as a “sounding board” in arriving at pay & benefit packages that will be a “win-win” for both employer and employee.


  • Market-relevant survey data
  • Advice and Counsel on Pay Package Negotiation