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With the increasingly difficult challenges of hiring and retaining a talented workforce, you should not have to solve your pay and benefit challenges “on the fly”.

Let Comp360 take the guesswork out of pay and benefits decision-making through data-driven analysis that is focused, business sensitive and labor market relevant.

Delivering value to our clients

Re-designed and effectively implemented all sales bonus and commission plans for a $100B financial services subsidiary of a Fortune 200 company. Sales revenue grew by 20%, while sales force turnover decreased by 5%.

Serve as compensation change agent, for a high-growth, $100MM software maker to determine the appropriate performance objectives and incentive plan structure to drive business growth. This was inclusive of both sales and management bonus plans. The company experienced a $10 million sales increase, and reached profitability six months ahead of the business plan.

Led re-design of a $60 million, telecommunication service provider’s compensation strategy and associated incentive plans, which simultaneously supported a 100% increase in employee headcount. Additionally, re-designed sales commission plans with help of senior sales management to make them more performance sensitive, risk-oriented and profitable. This resulted in a 10% sales and 5% gross margin increase.

Engaged with a $100 million municipal insurance risk pool in New Hampshire by leading a total rewards program evaluation and determination of labor market positioning. Worked with all levels of management in support of determination of salary survey relevance and salary competitiveness. Performed comparative analysis on both benefit plan structures and resulting costs. Delivered results and conclusions to the Board of Directors for their review and determination of further action.


Marc partnered with our Board in delivery of a pay and benefits project/report that was timely, comprehensive and answered all of our questions concerning where we were in the relevant labor market. In addition, he advised us on future strategies to transition and move to a more affordable pay and benefit package. He was our “go-to” on helping us become a more productive and efficient organization. I would heartily recommend him for both his expertise and client commitment.

Denis Berry

Denis Berry
Former President/Current Director of the Board
Island Water Association
($10 Million Florida-Based Water Utility)

Comp360 engaged our organization on a compensation related project which involved performing a market study for our mental health professional staff. We needed to know our competitive position as it impacted both our hiring and loss of talent to other mental health organizations in Connecticut. His project tactics were clear, precise and made a great deal of sense! His knowledge of compensation and of non-profit business practices and culture made him a significant resource for us. From the results and conclusions of his project analysis we adjusted salaries which enabled us to make better hires and retain the talent we needed to serve our clients in a very difficult time. We have currently engaged him again in the rebuilding of our base salary program for our entire workforce. I would have no hesitation in referring him to other potential clients.

Deborah Bradley

Deborah Bradley
Vice-President, Human Resources
The Village for Families and Children

The Chef's Warehouse
the village

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